Development Installation


  • Java JDK 14 or later
  • Maven 3
  • NodeJs (16.9.1) and NPM (8.3.2) - NodeJS Install
  • mariaDB 10.6 (available for development via docker-compose scripts)
  • using Keycloak is optional

If you need more information about installing prerequisites (ubuntu / linux mint), please check here

Installation Steps

:exclamation: Each step is executed from the project home directory.

1) go to the deployment folder and start the environment (database and keycloak) via docker-compose:

cd deployment
docker-compose -f localenv-docker-compose.yml up

2) go to webclient/app and install the frontend applications dependencies

cd webclient/app
npm install --legacy-peer-deps

3) build the project

mvn clean install -P frontend

4) start project

java -jar application/target/application-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
```    You can also run the main-class via Visual Studio Code.
  • Project Builder can be reached under http://localhost:8081/ljprojectbuilder/
  • If you are using keycloak:
    • default user/password is admin/admin
    • keycloak can be reached under http://localost:8081/auth


Frontend Debugging

For debugging, you can start the frontend separately.

cd webclient/app
npm start

NPM server starts under localhost:3000/ljprojectbuider/ by default

! If you are using the installation with keycloak, make sure you are logged in before first usage - just go to localhost:8081/ljprojectbuilder in your browser.

Backend Debugging

You can start the spring boot application in debug mode. See Spring Boot documentation for further details. The easiest way is, to use debug functionality integrated with your IDE like VS Code.

MariaDB Client

The database is available under localhost:3006


MySQLWorkbench is recommended to access database for development purpose.

Starting without keycloak

If you want to start your application without keycloak, you need to change spring boot profile to dev in application\src\main\resources\

or define env-variable


Start the database without keycloak:

cd deployment
docker-compose -f mysqllocal-docker-compose.yml up